Thursday 5 March 2015

Flirting with the 98th percentile.

On both turn based chess and live standard time controls I have managed to hit 98th percentile very briefly. Then back down to 97th I went! I have not had a plan or discipline studying chess for a while now. Taking a step back, here is what I need to do to hit the 99th percentile. Hopefully, next time I write, thats where I will be on both 15|10 and turn based chess.

  1. Play a max of 4 turn based games of chess at a time. Any more and I don't take them seriously enough because I get tired investing the mental resources required on every single game (I had like 14 going recently!).
  2. Take every live standard game I play seriously.
  3. Do tactics every day without failure for at least 60 days.
  4. Study more opening lines, it really helps knowing the book moves for the most common openings I encounter, as it helps save prescious mental resources for when the oponnent leaves the book.
I am going to try and put together a disciplined plan to achieve this 99th percentile goal within the next 3 months. Hopefully, the next will be a positive update. Regardless, I am pretty proud of my playing level considering the lack of time investment into chess, as even when I am at my worst I no longer seem to drop below the 96th percentile, ever. Woop!

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