Saturday 8 August 2015

2000 Tactics Fever & YouTube channel.

Quick little update, I seem to have settled into the 1,900 tactics rating level on, recognising the problems more and more often and thus increasing in rating.

Solving problems even if it takes 8 minutes per problem definitely helps remember the pattern, as opposed to failing it and then just seeing the solution. I am really striving to get at least 80% right each day. Some days I manage to do so really well but other days like today I get too focused on reaching a rating goal and fail. I really wanted to just hit 2,000 but after getting to the 1,980's multiple times I'd act too fast (to gain rating points) and instead end up losing points in problems I may have managed to solve.

This rating hunt needs to stop, of course, but I won't be too harsh on myself and aim to be a stable 2,000 in a month instead of in a day as I have been trying! Today, is a perfect example on how not to solve tactic problems as I got 11/30 wrong vs my usual 5-6/30 wrong, all to try and hit 2,000! All in all, I need to remember I could hardly leave the 1,800's a couple of months ago before I started this new way of looking at tactics. This month I almost hit my 40 hour target, and I would have, but for a week I had away exploring Huaraz in Peru!

In other news, I've launched a video channel on with the goal of improving on slower time controls. How will I achieve that? Well, If I know I am recording I try and take the game more seriously, I try to calculate better, I try to practise prophylaxis better, and in general, I just play better. Usually I'd get bored of slower time controls on-line and get distracted. This way hopefully I will build good habits, one in especially, always checking what my opponents best response to my move is before I make it, as I very often catch myself not doing that.

What else am I up to in chess?
I'm also studying openings still, getting pretty knowledgeable in the Najdorf but the opening is so complicated I reckon I need at least another whole month to learn all the important variations, but I am going to go for it, it's nice to be well versed in the Najdorf, such an exciting opening!