Sunday, 23 February 2014

No blog entry in 2 months. Ouch. What's the plan?

So my last blog post earned 25 Quora upvotes, a record for the blog. Considering the blog had only about 25 followers yesterday, that's a decent result! It has scared me for the last 2 months, to write something good enough to publish after that record breaking post.

Okay, truth is, I wasn't that scared, so what really happened? The last two months have been devoted fully to family. One month vacation, just chilling with my loved ones during the Christmas and New Year holidays, and then one month of handling family business in chilly Russia. During this time I hardly made any progress at chess. I haven't done a single chess puzzle or watched a single chess video. I haven't studied at all. Shame on me. I can only imagine how the 2 months would turn into a year if I had kids. Luckily, I don't.

The good news is, the Russia stuff that has been haunting me for the whole of last year, is now finally, completely, OVER! So even though I made no progress at chess, I have now a clear take off strip for me to make huge leaps of progress. Thus, starting tomorrow, I will start the take off.

What's the plan?
I will resume doing chess puzzles for at least 90 minutes daily and I plan to complete the Dvoretsky book by the end of March. I shall try to devote at least 3 full hours a day to chess. Aside from that, my days shall be filled with the planning and execution of my next business venture. It has to do with tourism in Ecuador, but for now I cannot reveal more details. I will also be quite busy working out, gaining physical fitness for a few 5,000m+ peak ascents, that I have planned for the end of March. More on that, in a few weeks. Wish me luck!

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