Monday, 16 September 2013

Tilt Over, Rating Back Up (95%)!

So I've managed to get over my massive losing streak and get back on my feet. I've had a few interesting games on my way to my highest ever rating, 1533, but I'm still far from my goal of getting to at least 99% before entering an OTB tournament.

I've been trying to focus on more correspondence chess to build good habits, however, a small glitch that automatically entered me to a tournament with 10 simultaneous games has gotten in the way. I absolutely cannot hold my concentration/patience playing what is now a total of 19 correspondence chess games. However, I am not doing too bad and expect to hit 90th percentile rating on that chess category.

My plan is to play mostly correspondence chess until I've built good habits, but it is really hard to avoid the occasional 15|10 or 10 minute game. However, after I've finished this humongous quantity of simultaneous games, I will really work toward playing only 3-5 games at a time and avoiding all these blitz games! Playing such a low quantity should allow me to find the best move every single move and thus build the correct habits/thinking methods.

A small set back in the form of a prolonged trip to Russia has just hit me, but I hope it does not affect my chess much. It has affected my morale a little bit and I can't see myself studying today as I am a little bit nervous about the trip tomorrow. However, I hope to bounce back as soon as I land and get down to business.

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