Friday, 9 August 2013

Overconfidence Kills: In Business and In Chess

To rest on one's laurels. Ahh! Back in 2011 I did just that with my social games business. We had thousands of new users every day on our Facebook game called Metropolis. Money was rolling in by the thousands daily. People loved it. We loved it. Even though work and effort didn't fully stop, there was a feeling around the office that failure was not possible and we were invincible.

In hindsight, had I known that things could turn around in a matter of a month, as they did, I realise a lot more could have been done to cement our position to prevent against potential disaster.

Funny enough, you'd think you'd remember this principle for the rest of your life no matter what it applies to. While in business, I am pretty sure I do, it seems that in chess I am now having the same problem!

I just played a game with the white pieces where I went 8 points up in material, about to head to an endgame, but a one move blunder gave my opponent mate in two. I was so happy and over confident, after all the game was practically already won, that I moved without thinking and BAM! Game lost.

The move here is g4, I had just won another knight and was up so much material, that I stopped calculating and just pushed the pawn to g3. Game over.

Hopefully this blog post should help as a reminder mainly to myself, and perhaps to some of my readers, that when you are having success and luck is on your side: don't take it for granted and do everything you can to safeguard it.

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